20 Tangos, Salsas & more for chrom. Harmonica


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Book: about DIN A4, 60 pages
Online: Sounds of the songs, download files
Best for: sligthly advanced and advanced players

Songbook with Tangos, Salsas and more songs from related genres – simply notated for the chromatic Harmonica.The tones of the melodies were prepared with simple symbols, the rhythm of the tones is given by the classical music notation.
The sounds of the songs are available online in a sound player with adjustable playback speed, Videos explain how to read music. Overlong songs are also available as a PDF download – no more scrolling necessary, web address and access data in the book.

Song list: Adios Muchachos! / Borboleta Pequenina / Cielto Lindo / El Choclo / El Dia Que Me Quieras / El Manisero / El condor pasa / El cucu / El robalo / El tortillero / La Cucaracha / La Golondrina / Linda Morena / Maria Elena / Mi chacra / Por una Cabeza / Tico Tico (No Fuba) / Thema aus “Walzer No. 3” / Una tarde fresquita de mayo / Volver

Sound sample:


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