15 Songs by Robert Johnson for the Recorder


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Book: approx. DIN A4, 44 pages
Online: all sounds for the songs, videos, downloads – web address in the book
Language: english
Ideal for: beginners and sligthly advanced players

Songbook with 15 Songs by Robert Johnson – simply notated for the Soprano or Tenor Recorder with baroque fingering.

Robert Leroy Johnson (1911-1938) was an American Blues musician. He is considered one of the most famous guitarists, singers and songwriters in the Blues, he is also called the “King of the Delta Blues”. Johnson recorded 29 songs in 41 takes in 1936 and 1937. His main achievement lies in transforming the early Blues music of Charlie Patton, Son House and Skip James into a new style, which was then taken up by musicians such as Muddy Waters and Elmore James. Another special feature of Johnson’s songs is that he sometimes sang and played the Guitar in different rhythms. This gave the impression that several people were playing. The “Rolling Stone” ranked Johnson 23rd on the list of the 100 greatest songwriters and 71st on the list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time.

Each tone of the melodie is shown with fingering images for the Recorder, these are placed under the classical music notation.
The sounds of the songs are available online in a sound player with adjustable playback speed.
Videos explain how to read music, overlong songs are also available as a PDF download – no more scrolling necessary. Web address and access data in the book.
For slightly advanced and advanced player.

Song list: Crossroads / Hell hound on my trail / Dust my broom / From four until late / I’m a steady rollin’ man / Rambling on my mind / Kindhearted woman Blues / Last fair deal gone down / Little queen of spades / Love in vain / Malted milk / When you got a good friend / Sweet home Chicago / Travelling riverside Blues / Walkin’ Blues

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