20 pieces from the “Notebook of Anna Magdalena Bach” – Duets for Soprano & Alto Recorder


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Book: approx. DIN A4, 84 pages
Online: all sounds for the songs, videos, downloads – web address in the book
Language: english
Ideal for: advanced players

Songbook with 20 pieces from the “Notebook of Anna Magdalena Bach”, notated as duets for Soprano Recorder and Alto Recorder.

After the death of his first wife, the German composer Johann Sebastian Bach married Anna Magdalena Wilcken in 1721. In 1725 he gave her a valuable music book with a precious cover and gold initials. Presumably in connection with the domestic music-making in the large Bach family, a collection of pieces by several authors and composers was created in various manuscripts. The sheet music contained different works, such as simple dance movements, artistic harpsichord works and also some vocal pieces, which the trained singer Anna Magdalena Bach probably liked to interpret.

All songs are written in classical musical notation, plus fingering images for the Soprano Recorder in baroque fingering. The sheet music for the Alto Recorder alone is also available as a download, including fingering images.
The sounds of the pieces are available online in an audio player with adjustable playback speed. There are three audio files for each piece – one of the duet and one each of the Tenor-/Soprano Recorder and one of the Alto Recorder. This means that you can also play these duets alone.
Extra-long songs are also available as a PDF download – no more leafing through the pages. Web address in the book.
The arrangements are intended for advanced players.

List of pieces: Menuet: Chr. Petzold – BWV Anhang 114 / Marche: C. Ph. E. Bach – BWV Anhang 122 / Menuet: Chr. Petzold – BWV Anhang 115 / Aria: “So oft ich meine Tobackspfeife” – BWV 515 / Menuet: verm. G. Böhm / Polonaise: BWV Anhang 119 / Chorale: BWV 514 / Menuet: 2. Menuet in G / Musette: BWV Anhang 126 / Menuet: BWV Anhang 132 / Menuet: BWV verm. Anhang 113 / Marche: C. Ph. E. Bach – BWV Anhang 124 / Menuet: BWV Anhang 118 / Menuet: BWV Anhang 121 / March: BWV Anhang 127 / Polonaise: J. A Hasse – BWV Anhang 130 / Menuet: BWV Anhang 120 / Polonaise: BWV Anhang 128 / Polonaise: C. Ph. E. Bach – BWV Anhang 125 / Polonaise: BWV Anhang 117b

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