30 Sea Shanties for the Recorder


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Book: approx. DIN A4, 72 pages
Online: all sounds for the songs, videos, downloads – web address in the book
Language: english
Ideal for: beginners and sligthly advanced players

For soprano or tenor recorder in baroque fingering.

This songbook for the recorder uses classic musical notation plus graphics for the fingerings on each song. In addition, the lyrics and the recordings of the songs – melody with backing band and backing band alone (“playalong”) – help in learning the songs. With the (sung) lyrics and the sounds, well-known songs can be worked out even without knowledge of classical music notation.
However, an overview of the note values in the book as well as related videos help to recognize the note values (and thus the rhythm) and, together with the graphics of the flute fingerings, to play unknown songs in a short time.

Song list: A hundred years / Across the western Ocean / Blow boys, blow! / Blow the man down / Blow ye Winds / Bottle of Rum Song / Clear the Track (Eliza Lee) / Drunken Sailor / Ein Mann, der sich Kolumbus nannt / Eine Seefahrt, die ist lustig / Faehrmann, hol über / Hamburg ist ein schönes Städtchen / Haul away, Joe / Heut’ geht es an Board / Ich heff mol en Hamborger Vermaster sehn / Im schwarzen Walfisch / In einen Harung, jung und schlank / Jetzt fahrn wir übern See / Maid of Amsterdam / My Bonnie lies over the ocean / Strike the Bell / The Bonnie ship the Diamond / The Rio Grande / The Wellerman / Whiskey in the Jar / Wiegende Wellen auf wogender See / Wild Rover / Winde wehn, Schiffe gehn / Wir lieben die Stürme / Wo de Nordseewellen trecken an den Strand

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