34 traditional Blues Songs for the Recorder


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Book: approx. DIN A4, 56 pages
Online: all sounds for the songs, videos, downloads – web address in the book
Language: english
Ideal for: beginners and sligthly advanced players

For soprano or tenor recorder in baroque fingering.

Each tone of the melodie is shown with fingering images for the recorder, these are placed under the classical music notation.
The sounds of the songs are available online in a sound player with adjustable playback speed.
Videos explain how to read music, download files with the recorder fingerings are also available online. Web address and access data in the book.
For slightly advanced and advanced player.

Song list: Alberta, let your hair hang low / Behind closed Doors / Blues and Booze / C C Rider / Canal Street Blues / Careless Love / Corinna, Corinna / Deep River / Every Night / Good morning Blues / Green River Blues / Honky Tonk Blues / In the Pines / John Henry / Limehouse Blues / Little David play on your Harp / Long gone lonesome Blues / Make me a pallet on your floor / Matchbox Blues / Million Years Blues / My Creole Belle / Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen / Nobody knows you when you’re down and out / One More River / Roberta / Salty Dog / Shake that thing / Silver City Bound / Sometimes I feel like a motherless child / St. James Infirmary / St. Louis Blues / Weeping Willow Blues / Worried Man / You’ll like my loving

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