9 songs by Johann Strauss Sohn for the Alto Recorder


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Book: approx. DIN A4, 80 pages
Online: all sounds for the songs, videos, downloads – web address in the book
Language: english
Ideal for:  advanced players

Songbook with 9 songs by the “Waltz King” Johann Strauss Sohn – notated for the Alto Recorder in F.

Johann Strauss Sohn (1825-1899) was a composer from Vienna, Austria. Johann Baptist Strauss was given the nickname “son” to distinguish himself from his father of the same name. The waltz “On the Beautiful Blue Danube”, composed in 1867, contributed significantly to the nickname “Waltz King”. His work includes around 20 operettas, 500 waltzes, polkas and marches as well as a ballet and an opera.

Each tone of the melodie is shown with fingering images for the Alto Recorder, these are placed under the classical music notation.
The sounds of the songs are available online in a sound player with adjustable playback speed.
Videos explain how to read music, long songs are also available as a PDF download – no more scrolling necessary! Web address and access data in the book.
Best for advanced player.

Song list: An der schönen blauen Donau / Erster Gedanke / Frühlingsstimmen / Kaiserwalzer / Morgenblätter / Pizzicato Polka / Rosen aus dem Süden / Tritsch Tratsch Polka / Wiener Blut

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