Blues 1 – Chords, Shuffle, Crossharp – english version


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Book: DIN A5, 44 pages
Language: english
Online: sounds (MP3 download), videos (sounds + tablature) and downloads
Required prior knowledge: Single tone play and channel change, “Bending” is not yet necessary

Textbook for the “blues harp” – everything about the blues.
Structure of the blues, the “shuffle” rhythm, the important harmonica topic “cross harp” for players with some previous knowledge of the “blues harp” (diat. Harmonica in the Richter system)!
The interrelationships are explained in an easy-to-understand way and the most important playing techniques are conveyed, including blues solo examples.
With tablature and sound as download, videos online.

This book is aimed at slightly advanced harmonica players. Single tone play and channel change should already work, “Bending” is not yet necessary.
A “detailed tablature” is used here – no knowledge of musical notes is necessary!

After a brief overview of the history of the blues and blues harp players, the structure and a special rhythm (“shuffle”) of the blues are explained in a simple and illustrated manner. This is followed by the important harmonica theme “2. Position – Crossharp “, focused on the core and the resulting possibilities in the game. Examples of blues solos and blues patterns and general tips complete the book.
You will receive the eBook including all contents and tabs, online tabs and MP3 sounds as a download as well as a video “Tab + Sound + Pointer”.

Sound samples:


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